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How should I reflect the beauty I see?

How should I present images that evoke the emotions I feel?

How should I present an image in a way that captures a special moment or an extraordinary perspective?

The images on this website are my best effort at addressing these questions.

Of course, the images may fall short. No two-dimensional image taken out of its context can ever tell the whole story. However, every now and then and from time to time, an image resonates deep within us. Somehow it unites our day-to-day consciousness with our soul. I hope you find an image here that evokes your curiosity, produces a smile, or stimulates a sense of wonderment.

SnapLoon Photography makes its home in Deerwood, Minnesota. Deerwood is located in the central part of the state, nestled among the beautiful forests and lakes that dominate the area. Have a question or a special event or other photographic interest? Please contact SnapLoon Photography at